there are a lot of companies that have good corporate responsibility stories; there are a lot of companies that don’t.  the truth is, creating a truly sustainable business is incredibly difficult to do, and far too often there is a wide range of greenwashing taking place.  at bali bungalow we focus our responsibility efforts around three key areas: shipping, looping and sustainably sourced materials.  with regards to shipping: we move our product on an actual ship rather than an airplane, which naturally takes a little longer but emits far less emissions per pound.  with regards to looping: we reuse all packaging we receive in our containers – this extends the life of the materials we are working with.  and finally with regards to our cottage industry artisans – nothing is ever processed: our cotton is hand sourced, our wood is hand made, and our products are designed from materials that grow in the villages where they are created.  a completely sustainable business model will some day be possible, but it will take awhile before we can produce, package and ship 100% carbon free.

with that said – it’s up to all of us to rethink the way we live and the products we buy.  send a clear message to the corporations of the world that will lead to real change.  feel free to share your experiences and innovations in living a more sustainable lifestyle.

sourced by matt bondlow at scientific american.

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